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Real estate is one of the most competitive industries, and companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations, increase their reach and improve their return on investment. One of the most effective ways to do this is by outsourcing certain aspects of the business, such as project management and marketing, where U and U groups are pioneers in this aspect.

Outsourcing project management can help real estate companies save time and money. By outsourcing, companies can take advantage of the expertise and experience of U and U Group professionals who are highly skilled in project management. Marketing is a crucial aspect of the real estate industry, as it helps to create awareness of a company’s brand by executing marketing campaigns and generate leads. By outsourcing marketing to U and U Groups

Solution for all property needs

U and U Group as one of the best property management service providers in Bangalore, Karnataka, it is important to offer a comprehensive solution for all property needs. property owners to list their properties for sale This is a user-friendly interface and to help owners reach potential buyers.

U and U Group provides professional and accurate property valuation services to help clients make informed decisions about their property investments it involves providing support and guidance on legal matters related to Property Management, including property registration, title verification, and dispute resolution. A construction that we provides clients with high-quality services to help improve the value of their properties

Loans & Finance

Get the right loan assistance. We help you get the best interest rates on A loan origination that streamlines the loan application process and helps clients secure the financing they need for their property transactions from our partnered banks And the administrative tasks involved in loan processing, including document preparation, credit checks, and loan approval. the ongoing administration of loans, including payment processing, account maintenance, and loan modifications.

The loan servicing team at the U and U Group provides personalised support to ensure that clients have a seamless experienc

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What They Say

Punith Puni
Punith Puni
Good company to work
Soujanya Gopal
Soujanya Gopal
Was very approachable and interactive during business transactions
gynandra royal
gynandra royal
Gud place to buy plots here
Shruti S
Shruti S
Customer satisfaction about location and happy to visit the sites
Sam Jenifer1601
Sam Jenifer1601
Kanakapura project:-One of the worst experience I ever had with any real estate company.. Initially they said only 7 sites at back end are available, when we said we are not interested they promised to allot site in the front row and collected the booking amount of one lakh and later said that the said site is not available as it is sold for a higher price, there is no business ethics at all, being mistake on their part they made us run around for the refund, their only policy is to collect the booking amount and refund it only after they earn interest out of it..they talk about company policy, but when it comes to them there is no policy at all, instead of immediate refund for not fulfilling their commitment they took 45 days for refund, when we call for refund status they avoid the calls, such a worst experience and unprofessional staff.
roopa anugraha
roopa anugraha
I'm happy see Urbun green City location

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